Welcome to eBanking

Please follow these steps to sign up for Citizens Bank eBanking access:

  1. Review the Electronic Records Disclosure & Agreement* for the validity of electronic records.
  2. Read the Citizens Bank eBanking Terms & Conditions** and click "I Agree" on the next page.
  3. By clicking "I Agreee", you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of the disclosure. 
  4. Select your account type, retail (personal) or business, to begin your eBanking enrollment.
  5. Enter your account information for verification purposes.
  6. Open your email and follow the instructions to access your eBanking account.

You are now ready to manage your money through Citizens Bank eBanking.

Once you select one of the account types, and complete the verification process, you will have online access to all of your accounts right away. 

Please keep in mind that we must have your email address on file in order to enroll in eBanking.

*For more information please read the Electronic Records Disclosure & Agreement
**eBanking Terms & Conditions printable version.

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